Elude (Eagle Elite #6) by Rachel Van Dyken

“Because we get to live… we get to love… together. We get this.” She pressed her palm against my chest. “Regardless of the journey, of how hard it was, of how hard it is or how short we – The time- we still had it – and that my friend, Continue Reading

Ember (Eagle Elite #5) by Rachel Van Dyken

‘And nobody wanted the monster to get the girl – that wasn’t how stories were told, that was not how happy endings were found.’ Now that, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you redeem a character!! Wow, this story blew me away, it’s definitely my top favorite in this series Continue Reading

Enamor (Eagle Elite #4.5) by Rachel Van Dyken

This was a short little bonus novella about Trace & Nixon that was included at the end of Elicit. It was a relatively calm break from all the craziness that’s been happening in the main storyline. It was nice seeing the crew have a little downtime, you know it’s not Continue Reading

Elicit (Eagle Elite #4) by Rachel Van Dyken

“Enemies?” “Always…” I teased as my arms wrapped around his neck. “Until the end?” He chuckled and then peeled off his own shirt. “Damn right, until the end.” This book was a total roller coaster ride, all the way through! Mo and Tex’s relationship has been up and down throughout Continue Reading

Entice (Eagle Elite Book 3) by Rachel Van Dyken

“I’m sorry, Chase.” “For?” “Ruining the moment.” “Don’t be.” I ran my fingers down the side of her jaw, memorizing the velvet feel of her skin. “Because I don’t want a moment.” She gasped, her eyes instantly averted to the left. “I want a lifetime.” Yay!! I was so happy Continue Reading

Elect (Eagle Elite, #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

“Nixon.” She stopped walking and looked up at me. “Tell me there’s a happy ending.” “Trace, I –“ “Lie,” Tracey ordered. “Lie if you have to. I just need to hear you say it.” “Trace.” I twirled a piece of her hair around my fingers. “For us? There will always Continue Reading

Evoke (Eagle Elite #1.6) by Rachel Van Dyken

This was just a few bonus chapters so it was a very quick read but it was interesting to see how things were going after they all moved in together. We saw the rivalry between Nixon and Chase heating up and there were also a few chapters from Tex and Continue Reading

Enforce (Eagle Elite #1.5) by Rachel Van Dyken

I love you, Trace. I always have. Just remember that, okay? Hold on to it. No matter what I say or what I do… and trust me, I’ll do some terrible things. Just know. I love you. With every fiber of my being.” If you were a fan of Elite Continue Reading

Elite (Eagle Elite #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

“Nixon.” My voice was weak. “What are you doing?” His lips met mine. The kiss was brief. He sighed. “I wish I knew.” This book was like a mash up of Mean Girls, Romeo & Juliet and The Godfather and I LOVED it! I only just heard about this series Continue Reading

Enchant (Eagle Elite 0.5) by Rachel Van Dyken

“She would grow to love me, I’d make sure of it. But she’d hate me before that love took over. And I wouldn’t blame her for it.” This was a super short read, but I thought it packed quite an emotional punch. I thought that the author did a nice Continue Reading