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About Us

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Photo collage 2 Photo collage 4Jamie ~The Literary Mastermind
Amy ~The Speed Reader
Jessie ~The Design Guru

Jamie ~ A lifelong lover of books, my reading had taken a backseat until a few years ago when Amy came to me and made me read The Hunger Games. After that, we dabbled in a few other books until we read Fifty Shades of Grey and that’s when my obsession with reading really took off. We realized how much fun it was to read and talk about books together so Amy and I formed our unofficial ‘book club for 2’ and have been reading together ever since, more than three years later and we’ve read over 300 books together! A year and a half into our reading adventure, I began writing a review after every book I read and that’s how the idea for starting a blog was born. I love all things books, I love reading books, talking about books, looking at books, making lists about books and reviewing books and I’m excited to share that love with all of you through this blog! I look forward to connecting with other readers and hopefully helping them to find their next favorite book and also to support all of these incredible authors by spreading the word on the books we love! I recently finished writing my debut novel, The Best is Yet to Come, and I’m super excited for everyone to read it!!

Amy ~ A few years ago I went to Jamie and told her she had to read the Hunger Games and pretty much gave her no option in the matter (I can be the bossy one). Once I realized how fun it was to read the same book as someone else my addiction began. Next up was Fifty Shades of Grey which completely opened up my mind and love for romance novels (Apparently I like to start off with the intense stuff). Jamie who was no stranger to romance novels started feeding our ever-growing list. We received lots of recommendations from Jessie who had been reading long before us and we went from reading 1 book a week to averaging 4-5 a week now. Some of the characters I have read have become like family to me and ending a series or a book is like losing a friend. My hope is that this blog will help other readers find some amazing books and authors that we have discovered along the way.

Jessie ~ Too busy to write a bio because I am working on making a picture of a python riding in car with Burt Reynolds chasing a rat.

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