Entice (The Affair #1) by S. Layne

Entice (The Affair #1) by S. Layne

‘Three days. I’ve given myself a three-day deadline while I’m in Chicago, five hours away, for a medical technology conference.
And by the time I come home, my future will be decided.
Stay and forgive.
Or leave.’

If only things were as simple as that! When we first meet Laurie we discover that she has suffered the worst form of betrayal by her husband and supposed best friend and she is using her upcoming business trip as a chance to think over what she’s going to do, stay and try to work things out or leave and start over. On her first night away she meets a sexy stranger who promises her one night of pleasure to help her forget everything, at least for a little while. Despite never doing that sort of thing, Laurie finds herself unable to turn down Liam’s proposition and he makes good on his promise and gives Laurie a night she will never forget. However, in the morning Laurie is more confused than ever and suddenly her decision doesn’t seem so cut and dry. When a twist of fate causes her path to cross with Liam again, Laurie finds herself caught between her extremely apologetic husband and the insanely sexy man (with a British accent no less!) who sets her body on fire.

I really enjoyed this book, I wasn’t sure how I would feel given the fact that the heroine was married but I thought that the situation was handled realistically. Laurie had to deal with her guilt over her part in the demise of her marriage and I really believed her struggle over James and Liam. For having very little of James and Laurie’s backstory I found their scenes to be extremely well done and heartbreaking. I felt everything they were going through, James’ remorse was so believable and Laurie’s confusion and hurt over the situation felt so real. I felt so sad for the both of them, and despite what James did I still found myself softening towards him in his efforts to get Laurie back, so I could totally understand why Laurie kept going back and forth with what she should do. And honestly I’m still not exactly sure which “team” I’m on!

On the flip side, I also really enjoyed Liam’s character. I really hope we get to learn more about him in the next book because he’s still very much a mystery but I can definitely sense that something more is growing between him and Laurie. But I’d really like to know what his deal is. And let me just say that the chemistry between these two was scorching hot! There are plenty of scenes in this book that will leave you fanning yourself! I’m not a proponent of cheating but given the circumstances, if Laurie was going to pick someone to help her forget, I’d say she chose well!

In addition to these two relationships playing out, one crumbling and one being built, there are also several twists and turns that I loved! One caught me totally off guard and the other I sort of suspected right before it was revealed, but I still found myself grinning at the implications and how juicy it was going to make things! There’s a big one towards the end and I am really excited to get the next installment to see what’s going to happen next!

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