Release Blitz!! Breaking Through: Breaking Boundaries Series by M.A. Lee

Release Blitz!! Breaking Through: Breaking Boundaries Series by M.A. Lee



Can his desire survive her secret?
Lila isn’t your typical college student.
Sassy and full of attitude, Lila uses her snarky comments to mask her dark secret that threatens to expose who and what she really is.
Jagger is a tattoo covered, motorcycle riding, hottie who has only stayed faithful to one thing- his motorcycle.
When the pair meet, sparks fly as they set off on an epic romance. With her secrets threatening to escape, Lila builds boundaries to keep Jagger at a distant. Only, this hot-tempered alpha-male won’t give up without a fight.
Can Lila push through her own boundaries to be with Jagger? Find out in this new adult romance novel.



“Oh no. What is going on in that pretty little of mind of yours?” I asked as I noticed the glimmer of naughtiness in her eyes.
Smiling even wider, Tatum glanced at me. “Well, I had an idea. You know how you hate Joel?” she asked.
“Yes. My ass hat ex-boyfriend, Joel. I think I remember hating him,” I answered slowly and sarcastically as I wondered where this was heading.

“Well, I had a thought. What if you went out a few times with Jagger? Stay around campus, where its crowded and full of people we all know. You know Joel will see you with him and it will drive Joel insane. He still loves you, I know it. He talks about you at all of the parties and when he see’s you, he can’t help but stare. He just acts like a a cruel jerk because you dumped him and hurt his ego,” she said with a gruff.
“I’m pretty sure you are wrong. Joel broke up with me. I am almost certain he cheated on me,” I said, even though we both knew I never had the evidence. My anxiety had kicked into high gear and I started accusing him of being with other girls. Joel would get so angry and we would fight- screaming at one another and saying horrible things.

“Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Either way, you have to make him pay,” she said.
Tatum did have a point. But, could I really use someone like that? I hated how nervous I felt when I saw Joel. I hated how I would go into a world of darkness.

The light turned green, and we began driving again. Silence filled the small space between us as I struggled inside on what to say.
“I guess it couldn’t hurt,” I began as I decided to give her little game a try. What could it hurt anyway?
Squealing, Tatum pulled into the parking lot of a campus bar and club.

She threw an arm around my shoulder as we walked through the small parking lot. A bright neon light shone on top of the bar, screaming the name, ‘Wild Things.’ The patio was already packed, and as we got closer, I could hear the thumping of music from a live band playing in the back. We were standing outside in the cool summer air when suddenly a motorcycle revved so loud, I almost had to place my hands over my ears to drown out the sound. A guy wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt sat on top of a chrome goddess. It was a beautiful bike, even if I didn’t know anything about motorcycles. As he straddled the seat, he looked like a dark knight James Dean. I felt myself swoon until I realized who was getting off that bike. Maybe I was wrong, playing a game with Jagger might just hurt me after all.

“Is that…?” I began, but Tatum instantly spotted Freddy getting out of a large Ford truck and she took off toward him. Spotting us, Jagger took one look at Freddy and Tatum and shook his head. He continued walking toward me Sighing, I released a long breath as I almost stopped in my tracks at the sight of Jagger. He was gorgeous in that bad-boy-you-play-with-but-don’t-take-seriously-kind-of-way. It was clear by the way he was completely oblivious to every woman standing in his presence gawking at him and licking their lips, that he had no idea how desirable he really was. He stood with a confidence that made me jealous and as I tried not to stare at him, I could feel my cheeks grow red hot.

The dark hair and light eyes.
The tattoos peaking out from under his shirt sleeves.
The way he commanded the attention of everyone around him, without he noticing.
Watching him move, I knew right then and there- Jagger would be a force I would have to fight away.


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