Release Day Blitz! Highland Wish by Colleen MacGregor

Release Day Blitz! Highland Wish by Colleen MacGregor



What is it about a man in a kilt?

She went to Scotland to attend her best friend’s wedding and traveled back in time to meet her own Highland hottie! What is it about a man in a kilt? Kate Cameron contemplates that very question as the bus full of handsome groomsmen makes its way to Crathes Castle for her best friend’s wedding. An editor of romance novels, she loves her high heels and fast-paced city life. But lately, something’s been missing. Perhaps a little Highland romance is just what she needs. The castle, built on the world’s oldest known lunar calendar, surely must be a magical place. The beautiful fountain in the garden, full of coins, begs to be wished upon.

But Kate certainly didn’t expect to be transported to the seventeenth century and face-to-face with Angus Sinclair, Captain of the Guard. Arrogant and brave, Angus isn’t her usual type. He seems confident that he’ll claim her as his bride but Kate won’t succumb to his devilish good looks that easily. Her head is telling her to go back to the comforts of her modern life and get as far away from the cocky warrior as possible, but her heart may have other ideas.


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I swear, charm must be a prerequisite for being Scottish. Is there something in the water? Chuckling, I go back to my laptop as Ava eases into a conversation with the handsome Scot. I can’t hear what they’re saying but the soft cadence is a lovely backdrop to the grandeur of verdant hills, blue skies, and seemingly endless walls of stone. The purple patches of thistle cling to the hills like a blanket on a cool night and I feel at home. 



“It’s as though I was surrounded by mist, and you came and brought the light. I don’t want to go back to the dark.”

Katherine has a very posh lifestyle being single and free to come and go as she pleases with everything at her finger tips. While visiting Crathes Castle in Scotland for her best friend’s wedding she oddly feels right at home. Deciding to take a walk outside the castle she happens upon a fountain using a coin she finds she makes a wish. Suddenly, she is transported back in time and right in the middle of danger. Unbeknownst to her the boy she is ready to defend it the son of the Lord Douglas MacGregor who is very grateful for her help.

When Katherine meets Angus Sinclair, Captain of the Guard, she can’t deny her attraction to him however his brutish behavior is another thing all together that she is not so sure she is willing to deal with. Angus is everything you would expect with a surprisingly sweet and protective side. He is ready to claim Katherine long before she can even get a handle on the situation she has been thrown into.

“My fiery lass, fight me all ye want. I enjoy it”

I have to say I really enjoyed this book, it is the first book I’ve read with time travel back to a much simpler time. This is Colleen MacGregor debut novel and it was beautifully done; the writing and the editing was flawless and the transition between Katherine’s modern thoughts and actions of everyone else was a great mix. I look forward to more in this series because I loved the secondary character and how they all brought Katherine in as part of the family. This is certainly a new author you should take a chance on.

‘And then there’s Angus. My mind always finds its way back to him – that beautiful, arrogant man. He’s honorable and possessive. He’s rough and smooth. He confuses me and excites me. I want him, and I want to smack him all at the same time.’


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About the Author:

Colleen MacGregor lives in New England with her husband and three children. She combines her two favorite things words and travel.



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