Review! Bad Deeds by Lisa Renee Jones

Review! Bad Deeds by Lisa Renee Jones

‘I keep walking, leading her deeper into the circle of fire that is my family, selfishly needing her in this darkness’

Bad Deeds is the third book in the Dirty Money series, this is not a standalone and you will need to read the first two. Shane and Emily are trying to navigate a very dangerous situation that puts them and Shane’s family in harms way. Coming back to save his family business Shane finds that cleaning up his brother and father’s mess is going to be a lot harder than he could imagine. If feels like they have threats everywhere they turn and you just it will create a lot of suspense. A dangerous cartel moving drugs through their pharmaceutical business, his mother’s infidelity, his father’s cancer and his brother inability to see past his own wants and needs.

Shane and Emily share a bond that allows them the kind of trust that takes most people years to obtain, although I think the trust is needed for the story it makes them less relatable and I find myself doubting their real connection. The chemistry between Share and Emily is still pretty hot but the nice part is you see them start to grow as a couple and move past the insta-love/lust they originally had. I still think there is a lot that will come out about their past and what sort of future they will hold in the fourth book.

Shane’s brother Derek who has been villainized in the past two books and starts to play a bigger role in this book. I think Derek showed the most growth and you start to really feel for him and his relationship with Teresa. While he has seemed pretty destructive so far he has some good reasons why. When he realizes just how much he cares about Teresa he know he has to make some changes to be the man she knows he can be.

This one ends on a pretty big cliff hanger which will make you counting down the days to the 4th and final book of the series. Even though a lot happened in the book I felt like we didn’t make it much further into story line then what was covered in the first two books. With that said there are a lot of details hanging out in the balance right now so I am hoping all of they all get explained in the last book. If you were a fan of the first two books I know you’ll be in the same boat as me needing to see how this series turn out.

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