Review!! Come As You Are by Lauren Blakely

Review!! Come As You Are by Lauren Blakely

“Okay, you’re too tempting. You practically seduced me with a pineapple and the Fibonacci sequence.”
I pump a fist. “Nerds for the win.”

Here we have yet another wonderfully addictive story from Lauren Blakely! I was excited to see that this story took place back in the same New York City “world” as a lot of her other books. I just love the vibe of those books and this one definitely gave me those same feelings. This particular story is about Flynn Parker, who you may remember as Dylan Parker’s twin brother from Stud Finder. He’s equally as successful as his brother and is proud of his hot nerd status. But he’s tired of people, women, in particular, only wanting him for his money. For once he wants to find someone who likes him for who he is rather than the size of his bank account. The first time he meets Sabrina Granger is at a masquerade party where they totally hit it off, made even better by the fact that both of their identities are taken out of the equation. Things get complicated, however, when they agree to meet again and reveal their true identities. It turns out that Flynn is the one thing standing between Sabrina and the job of her dreams, one that she very much needs to make ends meet. Is a fairy tale ending in the cards for Sabrina and Flynn or will their one stolen night be all they are granted?

Lauren Blakely has some of the best characters you’ll ever find. They are all so different and unique with their quirks but they are all relatable and realistic. Either Lauren Blakely is an expert in dozens of different professions or she is a master researcher because no matter what her character does for a living they are always so fleshed out and believable. I thought Flynn was fantastic. He may be a multi-millionaire but he’s still just a nerdy guy who loves to geek out over math and science. He’s very down to earth and was so incredibly sweet. Sabrina was delightfully quirky and I admired her dedication to her work and her resiliency in dealing with all the curveballs she’s been thrown in her life. These two were amazing together. If you love smart, flirty banter then look no further! These two can make the nerdiest things seem sexy. This story was very low drama and that’s just what I was in the mood for when I started it! I’ve said it a dozen times by now but you seriously can’t go wrong with a Lauren Blakely book and Come As You Are is just one more in the ever-growing library of books from her that I loved!

“I’m glad you were the only one who figured out my costume.”
“I’m glad you twisted my arm and convinced me to escape to the library with you.”

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