Review!! Crank (The Gibson Boys #1) by Adriana Locke

Review!! Crank (The Gibson Boys #1) by Adriana Locke

“I’ve not been able to stop thinking about you since I saw you on the sidewalk trying to hide that bat behind you.”

Hooray!! ::throws confetti:: It’s time to celebrate because Adriana Locke has created a new, amazing family of swoon-worthy heroes to fall in love with! The Landry family is one of my favs and I was sad to see their series end, but not to fear, I have a good feeling that these Gibson boys are going to more than fill that void. Crank was a great start to this new series and having one more dose of the Landry clan is never a bad thing! I loved being introduced to this charming little town in Illinois and the fun and rowdy family that is like the blue collar version of the Landry’s. This story was angsty, sweet, and sexy with the perfect brooding hero and the feisty woman who gets under his skin. It was an addicting read and I think it’s one of my favorites from Adriana Locke! I really look forward to reading more about these delicious Gibson boys!

“Sit down,” he sighs, sitting on all four legs again. “I won’t bite.”
“I’m not totally convinced of that,” I mutter.
He leans forward, gripping a bottle in front of him with both hands. “If I did,” he whispers, “you’d like it.”

If you’ve read the Landry family books then you are familiar with Sienna Landry, a free-spirit who branched out from the safety of her family to try to find her true place. This quest to find herself landed her in Illinois starting a design business with a friend. It’s here where she meets the handsome and brooding Walker Gibson, after an unfortunate incident with a baseball bat and the front end of his truck. They strike an agreement for her to help around the automotive repair shop that he owns in order to make up for the damage to his truck and the more time she spend around Walker, the more she wants him. She can tell he wants her too but getting him to give in is proving to be quite a challenge for her, luckily Sienna isn’t one to give up easily. As she slowly wears him down, she’s also delighted with how easily she fits in with Walker’s family and thinks she may have finally found the place where she truly belongs. But Walker has a secret that rocks her world when it comes out and she’s left wondering if everything she thought she found has been a lie.

This crazy, foul-mouthed, not quite politically correct gaggle of boys and their Nana have changed my entire world. 

I’ve always liked Sienna so it was no surprise that I loved her in this book too. For coming from a large, well-to-do family, such as the Landry’s she is very well adjusted and so down to earth. I love her feisty personality and that she was no pushover. I love that she pursued things with Walker but she also didn’t put up with his crap when he was so grouchy and gruff toward the beginning. I really loved Walker too! As I mentioned, he was a total grump at the beginning and sometimes wasn’t the nicest guy, but it was clear that he was acting that way more out of protection than anything else. As we soon discover, he’s truly a great guy and has a huge heart. He definitely makes his fair share of mistakes, including a doozy of one that sends everything crashing down. But I love a good grovel and Walker definitely did that. The chemistry between him and Sienna was fantastic, super-hot and very sweet. The rest of his family, Nana, Machlan, Lance, and Peck, these were such a great group of characters and so easy to fall in love with. Especially Peck!! He was such an unexpected treat throughout this book and I hope that we get his story one day! If you’ve never read the Landry family books, you will still enjoy this one and if you already love the Landry’s this one will be a great treat for you while also making you excited for more from the Gibson boys!

“I owe you.”
“You’ve owed me since the day you met me.”
“And you haven’t let me get even yet,” I say, kissing him.


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