Review!! Endurance by Amy Daws

Review!! Endurance by Amy Daws

“You’re not at all what I expected, Belle Ryan.”
She shoots me a sneaky smirk. “The crazy ones are always the most surprising.”

Ever since reading Challenge last year, I’ve been looking forward to spending more time with the Harris crew. Turns out, Camden’s twin, Tanner Harris, was up next and what fun he was! He’s notorious for being the wild child of the Harris family and the past few months he’s found himself in hot water more than once while he’s sewing his wild oats all around London. The last straw comes when he’s caught naked by the paparazzi and winds up suspended from football/soccer for a month. What’s worse? The one woman he swore to stay away from was the one who came to his rescue and now he’s going to be forced to spend more time with her than is probably smart. Dr. Belle Ryan loathes Tanner Harris, so what if he’s incredibly hot? If she’s going to be forced to spend time with him, she figures she might as well have a little fun torturing him while she’s at it!

She’s got me completely under her chocolatey, crazy chick spell and I’m entranced.

This was a fun “frenemies” to lovers story! I laughed so much in that first chapter, Tanner had certainly gotten himself in quite a sticky situation and it was quite amusing seeing Belle come to help him out. The dynamic that was set between these two at the start continued throughout, even as they started to grow closer, I loved that there was still always this push and pull and fun banter between them even as things turned more serious. Tanner was a bit of a wild one, Belle was no slouch either, she was a good match for him, but she also helped bring out the best in him. Tanner matured quite a bit over the course of the book, but he never lost the fun loving side of himself, which I thought was great! Belle had a few issues stemming from her family situation and I really enjoyed how Tanner helped her deal with that. They were both good for each other and it was a lot of fun seeing them grow individually and as a pair over the course of this story!

Beyond the budding relationship between Tanner and Belle, there were so many shining moments between the Harris siblings. Their big, loud, loving, supporting family is one of the things I love most about this series. Things have definitely been changing for this family and they haven’t always had an easy go of things, but one thing remains the same – they are always there for one another. I loved these subtle, touching moments as much as I love seeing the main couple’s relationship develop. I’m excited that there are still two brothers to go. It’s really hard to say which one I want to see next! I’d be happy with either Booker or Gareth, as long as we get to see more from the Harris clan!

“You want me, Belle.”
I scoff and look away. “How could I? You’re acting like a bloody maniac.”
“For you.” His voice is guttural and I can’t help but meet his eyes. They are so blue and probing I can hardly breathe. “I act like a maniac for you. We have issues, but past all of them is the fact that I want you and you want me.”

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