Review! Filthy Player (Rough Riders #2) by Stacey LynnStacey Lynn

Review! Filthy Player (Rough Riders #2) by Stacey LynnStacey Lynn

Beaux Hale, quarterback of a Super Bowl winning team, summertime RV partier…all around nice guy.
Who would have thought?

I think this book has officially become my favorite book from Stacey Lynn and that’s saying a lot because I’ve really enjoyed all of the books I’ve read from her! I’ve been looking forward to more Rough Riders since I read Dirty Player last year and I was hoping that Beaux would be next and he did not disappoint! This was an addicting read, I didn’t want to put it down and enjoyed every second of it. Don’t let the title fool you, while it’s plenty hot, this one has so much heart, get ready to swoon big time, and even has a great suspenseful twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. It really had a bit of everything that I love in a good romance, I really think it is some of Stacey Lynn’s best work to date! 

“You’re sort of pushy, you know that?”
“I prefer ‘determined’ when I see something I want.”

Beaux Hale is used to women throwing themselves at him and he’s earned his playboy reputation but the day he walks into the restaurant where Paige Halloway is a waitress, he only has eyes for her. Paige can’t deny how attractive Beaux is, even if her first encounter with him didn’t give her the best impression, but she isn’t looking for a man, her only concern is taking care of her father and keeping the bill collectors at bay. Beaux isn’t used to being turned down and he’s as amused as he is frustrated that Paige continually shoots down his advances. But he’s nothing if not persistent and when he sets his mind to something he always succeeds, he’s known for keeping his eye on the prize and right now the only prize he wants is Paige. And he isn’t above playing a little bit filthy in order to get what he wants.

“Like I said the other day, it’s because I’m the best.”
“And arrogant.”
“Funny and sweet.”
“Humble and kind.”

OMG Beaux Hale was the PERFECT book boyfriend! He exceeded any expectations that I had for him. I loved that even though he was a successful and rich athlete that he was still so down to earth and humble, he had to fight hard to get where he was and he doesn’t let himself forget that. He certainly had the alpha male, protector thing going for him but he was also so playful and caring and devoted, such amazing qualities that provided endless moments to swoon over! I love a good push and pull in a romance and Beaux and Paige certainly had that. Fiercely independent and used to taking everything on her own shoulders, Paige didn’t make it easy for him but I loved that it only made him more determined. He was so incredibly sweet with his desire to just let him take a little of the load from her. Then, of course, there was the amazing chemistry between them. As hot as it was, I loved that their playfulness and fun banter carried into these moments as well. They just worked so well together and it was such fun seeing them fall in love. 

I’d have my hands full with this woman. Good thing I have big hands.

There are some ups and downs but nothing too terribly angsty, but even their disagreements were great! Paige could be quite feisty when she had to be and Beaux was so wonderfully unapologetic. Then there was the suspenseful twist that I really enjoyed. It only helped showcase the lengths Beaux would go through to keep those he cares about safe. Seriously, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this guy! And if you read Dirty Player you’ll be happy to hear that Oliver and Shannon make appearances in this book as well. It’s always good to catch up with past favorites! I truly loved everything about this book and I hope we get more from the Rough Riders in the future!

“You’re pretty irritating when you don’t listen to me.”
“I think you love it.”
Crazy thing was, I was beginning to think the same thing.


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