Review!! Frog Hog, Valen and Hutch (A Frog Hog Novella, #1) by Rachel Robinson

Review!! Frog Hog, Valen and Hutch (A Frog Hog Novella, #1) by Rachel Robinson


I’m tired of playing catch and release. I want a SEAL for keeps.

Ever since getting out of a predictable and boring relationship, Valen is addicted to Navy SEALs, whose lives are anything but predictable and boring. She’s what is known as a Frog Hog, but lately she’s thinking she might be interested in more than one night with a SEAL of her choosing. When she meets the SEAL they call Hutch, she is as equally attracted to and put off by his blunt opinions on her lifestyle. It would seem that Hutch’s desire to find a relationship lines up with Valen’s desire to try for more than one night and the two decide to give it a go. Their chemistry is off the charts and they find themselves falling hard and fast but complicated pasts have the potential to send Valen running right back to her one night only rule.

I thought this was a fun and extremely sexy novella! It moved quickly but that wasn’t surprising given the short length, and even though a lot of details were glossed over, it didn’t feel like it was lacking. I was still able to get invested in Valen and Hutch and their whirlwind romance. While, personally, I have zero in common with Valen, I thought she was a really fun heroine. Her crassness and sass provided plenty of laugh out loud moments. Hutch was harder to read, at least initially, but it was easy to get swept up in his alpha ways. He was interesting because you can tell he’s a good guy (and the more I learned about him, the more this point was reinforced) but it was contrasted by his bluntness and bossiness. I thought they made a really great pair. There’s one thing a Rachel Robinson book always delivers on and that’s plenty of hotness! Don’t let the short page count fool you, this book is full of steam! If you’re looking for a fun and sexy romp with an alpha Navy SEAL and a smart-mouthed heroine, you should grab a copy of this one!

“There are a lot of things in life you should be scared of. I’m not one of them. I don’t suck at relationships, Valen. I only take on the ones that I’m sure I can make work. That’s the difference.”


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