Review! Holiday for Hire by Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee

Review! Holiday for Hire by Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee

“… if you think you can only pretend that Christmas wishes come true, then you aren’t doing it right.”

Jane Osborne has always loved Christmas, but when the guy she’s been dating dumps her and mere weeks later invites her to his Christmas Eve wedding, it’s looking like it won’t be a very merry holiday this year. She doesn’t want her ex to think she’s been sitting around pining for him so she decides she’ll go to the wedding, now she just needs a date. With no prospects in mind, she turns to Craigslist and stumbles upon a guy willing to pose as her new boyfriend. The only problem? Ian Brooks is not the polished, wealthy man that her high society circle of friends would expect her to date. Not to worry, there’s still time before the big day to mold him into the perfect date. Will Ian prove to be the answer to her Christmas wish or will her high expectations for him only end up driving him away?

I thought this was a sweet holiday novella. It was a quick read but didn’t end up feeling too rushed. Jane was a hard character to relate to, but I think maybe that was the point. She’d been raised a certain way and that sometimes causes her to come across as stuck up or out of touch. I think in that regard, she stayed very true to her character and I enjoyed seeing her evolution over the course of the story and having her finally realize that maybe there’s more to life than societal expectations. I did find her love for Christmas and her zest for decorating to be endearing, I think that helped balance the more aloof side of her personality. I loved Ian, it’s easy to develop a soft spot for a “down on his luck” guy who’s just doing the best he can to help his family. He was a good guy and it was cute how he was up for anything. I felt bad for him when he was made to feel like he wasn’t good enough, because that couldn’t have been further from the truth. But don’t worry, this is a holiday romance after all so you’re sure to end up feeling warm and fuzzy by the end!

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