Review! Hot Shot (Last Shot #2) by Kelly Jamieson

Review! Hot Shot (Last Shot #2) by Kelly Jamieson

“Admit it,” he murmured against her temple.
“No. I hate you.”
“I get that. But you still want me.” He brushed his lips over her temple. “And I want you.”

Former Navy SEAL, Marco Solis, and fashion model, Carrie Garner suddenly find themselves spending a lot of time together when their best friends Beck and Hayden become a couple. Marco is convinced that Carrie hates him and Carrie thinks that Marco is like all of the other men who only want to flirt with her based on her looks and not for who she is on the inside. As confident and successful as Marco is, he still has serious insecurities stemming from a rocky childhood, leading him to believe that Carrie is way out of his league. Not to mention the fact that she’s best friends with his best friend’s girl and she also happens to be leaving in a few months, so things could never work between them. But there’s no denying the sparks that fly whenever they are together. They decide to give in and have a fun little fling before Carrie has to leave, but neither one expects the real feelings that quickly develop. Will they figure out a way to make it work or will Carrie be just one more person that leaves Marco behind?

I read Body Shot last year and thought it was a fun and sexy read so I was looking forward to reading more about this crew and seeing what might happen between Marco and Carrie. I thought this was a sweet and ultimately heartwarming story. Marco and Carrie weren’t exactly enemies but they definitely didn’t get along very well when they first met, so it was fun seeing them realize that they actually did want each other and then finally giving it a go. Both of them had some issues but it was nice seeing them find the things they were missing in one another. They did have great chemistry and this book had plenty of steamy moments in addition to the more heartfelt moments. It was also fun seeing Hayden and Beck some more in this one and I’m more intrigued by Cade now. Marco and Carrie’s relationship was believable and this really is a likable crew. I enjoyed this story and look forward to Cade’s book and spending more time with this group of characters!


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