Review! INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter

Review! INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter

“You want to put a tattoo shop in your book store?”
“I think I might.”
He grinned. “You are a daydreamer. I mean, it’s cute as shit, but also kinda nuts.” He put down the tangled cords. “But seriously cute.”

Emmie Elliot expected her return home to Metlin, California to be a quick trip. After all, it shouldn’t take long to go back, sell the building where her grandmother had her bookshop and then return to her life in San Francisco. But when she steps back inside the bookshop where she spent so much of her youth, she can’t bring herself to part with it. Reopening a bookshop in this digital age, however, is going to take some creativity. When she finds herself face to face with Miles Oxford, the extremely hot tattoo artist who just so happens to need a space to set up shop, she concocts a crazy scheme for them to partner up and open a combination bookshop/tattoo studio. It might just be the thing to attract customers in this up and coming small town. They both have a lot riding on the success of this joint venture, so it only makes sense for them to agree to keep things strictly business between them. But Ox has never been good at following the rules and it doesn’t take him long to give into his growing attraction toward this cute little bookworm.

I thought this was a really sweet story! There were lots of great characters and I loved the small town the author created. I could clearly picture everything and kind of wish I could visit Metlin and visit INK because it seemed like a super awesome place! My understanding is that Elizabeth Hunter primarily writes fantasy novels? Well, I can definitely see the influence of that on this story in terms of the world building. It really was done so well. Emmie and Ox were also so cute together. It wasn’t a burn-up-the-pages story, instead, it was a really sweet slow burn that really fit with the charming, small-town vibe of the book. I think bookworms far and wide will relate and fall in love with Emmie. She spoke to my bookworm soul! I’m pretty sure she and I have very similar bookish t-shirt collections! Ox was a great guy. I think I was expecting a bit more of a bad boy but he really was a sweetheart, and it was so endearing how much he loved his family. I also loved all the secondary characters, they were a great group of friends and I look forward to reading more about this crew.

“You caught me,” Emmie whispered.
Ox blinked and cupped her face in his palm. “What?” Red rode high on his cheekbones and his lips were swollen and dark.
“You caught me. I fell and you caught me.”



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