Review!! Keeping It by Rachel Robinson

Review!! Keeping It by Rachel Robinson


I am delicate. He is a storm. Carnage was inevitable.

Tyler Holiday aka Tahoe, was happy to accept his new assignment helping to open a new Navy SEAL base in a small coastal town in Florida. After fighting the bad guys for so long, he sees this as a chance to recharge and hopefully to kick back and relax a little bit, maybe enjoy the company of some of the beautiful Southern ladies around town. What he didn’t plan for was to actually fall for one of them, but that’s exactly what happens once he starts hanging around Caroline May. It started as an unlikely friendship while he tries to get her to agree to let the SEALs use her family’s airport for their training but quickly evolves into more. Caroline’s innocence and light are so opposite of what Tahoe is used to in his lifestyle that he can’t help but be attracted to her. They fall fast and hard but when Tahoe learns just how innocent Caroline really is, will he end up running for the hills?

“I’m not in the business of getting my heart destroyed,” Caroline says, her tone quiet, vulnerable.
Grabbing her waist, I turn her to face me full on. She takes the wine and has a sip. “Lucky for you I’m not in the business of destroying hearts. Bad men, lives, terrorist hideouts, my own life, maybe, but not hearts,” I reply, watching her eyes dance across my face.

Rachel Robinson writes some of the best Navy SEALs romances out there. SEALs have a certain reputation but I love how Rachel manages to mix it up and show us that while all SEALs are elite talents, as men they aren’t all the same. Tahoe certainly proved that in this book. He was not at all what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise. Don’t get me wrong, he still had plenty of traits that you would expect to find in a SEAL but he was so much sweeter than I was expecting. I think I was expecting a player and for him to be a bit of a jerk, but this guy had such a great heart and I loved seeing him fall for Caroline. I also really liked Caroline, she never quite fit in with the rest of the residents of Bronze Bay but she was content with the life she’s been living. I enjoyed seeing her blossom as her relationship with Tahoe developed. These two were so sweet together and they really did have great chemistry. The angst does hit though and things are certainly rocky for a while there but the payoff is more than worth it. I look forward to reading more about the Bronze Bay SEALs in future books!

“I’m falling for you, Caroline May.”
Her smile is beatific, something that simultaneously takes my breath away and gives me life. “I’m flying for you, Tahoe Holiday.”

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