Review!! Reed (A Redemption Romance #5) by Anna Scott

Review!! Reed (A Redemption Romance #5) by Anna Scott

“I couldn’t spend another night like last night, Gilli. I just couldn’t be without you again.”

Reed Allen has spent all of his free time for the past year thinking about Gillian Young. He is convinced that he is too old for her and his job is too demanding that she wouldn’t want to deal with him. Gillian has spent the past year doing everything her family asks of her even if that means putting her own dreams on hold. She’s had so little time to think about a relationship that her own feeling get put on the back burner.

Well I have to be honest Reed has been my very favorite character since the first book of the series Luke. I couldn’t wait to read his book and I even reached out to Anna Scott begging for it to be next. Well I didn’t get my wish but you know the saying “save the best to last” well that certainly applies here. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved the whole series but this one had me captivated and I couldn’t put it down.

Unlike the other guys in the Redemption Series Reed tends to be a little shy which just adds to his charm. When he finally gets the courage to ask out Gilli I swooned so hard at their first date. Gilli quickly learns how observant Reed is and how much he respects her. As their relationship progresses tragedy strikes and Reed proves once again how amazing of a man he truly is. Get ready to swoon over him multiple times.

“No, Gilli, I screwed up. Don’t hold back baby. I love your touch; I need to feel your hands on me. Please, baby, I’ll tell you everything I can later, but right now I need you.”

Gilli is a strong willed independent woman that is a great role model. Although she has spent years putting her own hope and dreams on hold in order to run her family’s bakery even though she never wanted too. Gilli is the type of woman that knows you have to work hard for things in life and values the friendships she has made.

I wish I could write more because I really loved this book and I could talk to someone about it in length but I don’t want to spoil anything. I am sad to know that this is the finale in the Redemption Series but I am also excited for the spin offs and hoping I get small updates from these 5 guys and their girls. If you loved Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series I highly recommend giving this one a try. Also be sure to check out all of our reviews on the series.

“You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, baby. You humble me.”

I gasped with emotion at his heartfelt words and I couldn’t help the smile that crept across my face. “You better be careful; you might just make me fall in love with you.” I was teasing, but realized too late at what my words must have sounded like.

“I hope so, because I’m pretty sure I’m about to fall right along side you.”


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