Review! So Good (Alpha Dogs #1) by Nicola Rendell

Review! So Good (Alpha Dogs #1) by Nicola Rendell


“How can anything feel so good? How can anybody be so amazing to me?”
“You’re the amazing one, Rosie. I’m just here worshipping at the altar.”

Could this book be any sweeter? This was an adorable, ridiculously steamy, and swoony best friends to lovers romance and I just couldn’t get enough of it! This is only my second Nicola Rendell book but she’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine, her books are no nonsense, low drama and the perfect thing if you’re looking for an easy breezy read. In this book we have Max Doyle, master carpenter and quite possibly the best guy ever, who accidentally catches a glimpse of his long time best friend, Rosie Madden, naked while he’s working on her roof one day. He’s adored Rosie for years but never had the guts to do anything about it, but he’s finally decided to go after what he wants. Rescuing Rosie from a horrible date, Max shows her how good it could be between them.

“Because you’re mine, I’m going to overstep. And you’re going to let me, aren’t you?” 

I loved this book so much! Rosie and Max were the cutest couple ever. They were the sweetest friends and they made even better lovers once they finally crossed that bridge. I loved that Max was all in right from the get-go, he wanted Rosie and once he got a taste, there was no going back for him. Rosie was adorable and I loved seeing the little minx in her that only Max could seem to draw out. The chemistry between these two was ridiculous, there were some seriously hot scenes in this book! I also loved the communication between these two, there was no silly drama, they were honest and open with one another and they actually talked about things and faced their problems together. It’s so refreshing to see functional relationships in books! Max was pure alpha swoon, I melted time and again over the things he said or did. Prime book boyfriend material right there!! I also seriously loved Cupcake and Julia Caesar! These two were scene stealers and provided comical moments as well as some of the swoony moments. What’s sexier than a hot guy who is head over heels in love with a cute little dog? The answer to that question is: nothing!! If you’re looking for a book that’ll make you swoon and leave you with a giant grin on your face, don’t miss this one!

“Every moan, every writhe, ever feeling you have, Rosie Madden. I want to put my name all over this body. I’m never, ever letting you go.” 


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