Review!! The Bachelor Contract (The Bachelors of Arizona, #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

Review!! The Bachelor Contract (The Bachelors of Arizona, #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

No matter where she went, she was still a part of him, a beautiful reminder of his ugly past.

Brant Wellington has been a shell of his former self ever since his entire life fell apart four years ago. He’s managed to keep the pain at bay via an endless parade of meaningless hookups and plenty of alcohol. But now that he’s forced to not only see his ex-wife, but also work beside her every day, all the feelings he’s tried to keep buried are fighting their way to the surface. When Nikki was coerced into bidding on her ex-husband at his family’s charity auction, she wasn’t sure what she expected to get out of the deal. At the very least she was hoping to get closure, but being around Brant again is proving more difficult than she ever expected. With a past as painful as theirs, will they be able to find a way to move forward or will this finally be the goodbye that they missed out on the first time around? 

“It’s a bit terrifying.”
“My ability to romance you?”
“Or maybe just my ability to fall for it.”

The first two books have hinted at Brant’s painful past but they left us wondering what exactly happened to put him in such a bad way. Well, now we finally got to find out and it was a doozy! It was pretty horrible what happened to him and Nikki several years ago and it’s no wonder that things fell apart between them. There probably aren’t a lot of couples that could make it through that kind of trauma. In light of that, this book had plenty of emotional moments, but overall the story wasn’t too heavy thanks to the frequent comic relief in the form of Nikki’s best friend, Cole, and the rest of the Wellington crew. This meddling crew was back in full force throughout this book and Cole was a welcome addition to the madness. It really was a team effort to get Brant and Nikki back on the right path, even if some of the antics were a little over the top. As far as second chance romances go, though, this was a good one and it was nice seeing the last Wellington find his way back to happiness. I’m not sure if there will be more books in this series since all the Wellingtons are now spoken for (perhaps Cole??) but it’s been fun reading about this slightly dysfunctional, albeit well-intentioned, family finding their perfect matches!

“Nik, I’ve spent the last four years numbing the pain. Seeing you again makes me believe that maybe the best way to live isn’t to ignore it but to learn how to survive it with the ones you love by your side.”

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