Review!! The Outliers (The Outskirts Duet #2) by T.M. Frazier

Review!! The Outliers (The Outskirts Duet #2) by T.M. Frazier

“Say,” I said, pulling away so I could look in her eyes. “You have me. Don’t you know by now that I’d do anything for you? When the world gets heavy on your shoulders I’ll carry the weight for you. I’ll be there. I’m not going anywhere. Not now. Not ever.”

Here we are at the conclusion of Sawyer and Finn’s story! If you recall from reading The Outskirts that things got off to a rocky start for these two when Sawyer, after just having escaped her controlling father and the religious sect that they belonged to, shows up and parks her trailer mere yards from the cabin that Finn’s secluded himself to for the past few years. It didn’t take long for passions to ignite between them, making the swamp they live in a heck of a lot hotter. As these two explore their unexpected connection, Sawyer’s past is catching up to them and threatens everything good they’ve managed to find in one another. 

“You want religion?” Finn pushed back a lock of my hair. “Then I’ll get on my knees and worship you for the rest of my life. You want to save someone? You’ve already done it. You saved me. You want heaven?” His hand skated up the back of my skirt. I shivered. His deep voice hummed in my ear. “I’ll take you there right now.”

This book picks up immediately after the doozy of a cliffhanger from the first book. We knew it was just a matter of time before Sawyer’s past comes for them and that’s what we get in this book. She and Finn are deeply in love and looking forward to a happy future, one that they both deserve after all they’ve endured but before they can do that they must find a way to free themselves once and for all. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet this book was, if you thought Finn was full of swoon before, just wait until you read this one. I really loved him and Sawyer together, he was so different than the man we first met and it just highlighted how far he fell from who he truly was when he holed himself away in that swamp all those years ago. Seeing the wonderful, caring, protective, and sweet man that emerged, was truly heartwarming. We also go to see Sawyer’s inner strength shine throughout this one. I loved the contrast between her innocence and her ability to stand up for those she loved. Things do get a touch suspenseful once things finally come to a head, but as a whole, this was a wonderfully romantic story that was a great conclusion to this duet. Seeing how everything tied together and just how truly meant to be Sawyer and Finn were, was very sweet and of course, spending time with all of our favorite secondary characters was a real treat! 

I was no longer Sawyer, the girl running from her past. I was Sawyer, the girl from The Outskirts.
A true outlier just like the rest of them.

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