Review! The Serpent’s Kiss (Hunter Chronicles #4) by Claire Marta

Review! The Serpent’s Kiss (Hunter Chronicles #4) by Claire Marta

We’re right back into the mix with things when Jasmine Hunter and her team try to discover who is supplying a deadly drug called the Serpent’s Kiss. Not only is that on Jasmine’s plate but she also has to contend with her addiction for the vampire bite which she refuses to turn to Eric for. Deciding to choose the lesser of two evils she enlist Asier to help her knowing full well that he will want more than just her blood. Jasmine and her team are working hard to figure out who is making and supplying the drug that is wreaking havoc on London. The risks are high with very little clues to go on however knowing how resourceful and determine the team is they will stop at nothing to put an end to this drug. 

If you’ve been following this series then you’ve already met Asier Serpico in book 2 and you also know he has a passion for pleasure and pain. When he see’s Jasmine again he knows perusing her will make Eric mad so it makes it a bit more fun for him. However as he spends more time with her will this just be a quick throw away arrangement as usual or will he have the need to keep her as his own. Jasmine already been burned once by a vampire wants nothing to do with another however when he offers sweet seduction and pleasure how can she really resist. The one thing she wants most is to be able to get over her heart-ache from Eric however that may never happen.

This book really brought you into the world that Asier lives in and he certainly is an interesting character, you also get the opportunity to see what special powers he has. If you liked the second book then you certainly will love this one because it has a lot of the same feel to it. For me I love the world that Claire Marta is creating in this series and I felt like this one didn’t reach as far out into the world as book 1 and book 3 did. I actually have a much better appreciated for Asier now than in book 2 however there is still so much you are left guessing and I can’t wait to find out more. 

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