Review Tour! STAY by A.L. Jackson!

Review Tour! STAY by A.L. Jackson!

“I can’t remember a time in my life when I was more terrified. I could feel myself slipping away, and I couldn’t do one goddamned thing about it. Then, I opened my eyes… I opened my eyes, and I saw these brown ones staring back. And right that second? I knew I was gonna be okay. And now it’s really fucking hard to look away.”

The only other book I’ve read in this series (so far) was Wait, I enjoyed that story but it was very intense and felt almost like an actual event reading it because it took so much out of me. This book, while still chock full of emotions and heavy situations, was much lighter to read and I really liked it! Ash certainly had his demons and my heart broke for him when all is revealed, but his light, playful, fun loving side and Willow’s sweetness was a perfect complement to the heavier elements. I really connected with them as a pairing and thoroughly enjoyed going along on their journey with them!

He’d walked into my store and told me he’d give me anything. To name it and it was done.
And the only thing I wanted? I wanted him to stay.

Ash Evans is notorious for his wild, fun loving, playboy lifestyle. He’s rich, charming and drop dead gorgeous (not to mention bassist for one of the hottest bands around) so it’s no wonder that women fall at his feet. He’s embraced this lifestyle, because he’s tried the whole “love” thing before and it didn’t end well, so he’s decided it’s best for everyone if he doesn’t form attachments. He lives his life unapologetically, until a hookup gone wrong leaves him clinging to life, bleeding out on the street. Willow Langston can’t stop thinking about the mysterious man that she found bleeding outside of her store, his piercing eyes and battered strength haunts her thoughts. The last thing she expects is to see this stunning man come into her store looking to repay her somehow. The fact that Ash doesn’t do love doesn’t keep him from wanting to get closer to the enchanting woman with the warmest brown eyes he’s ever seen, even if he knows he’s not the man for her. He’s convinced that the man she deserves, the man she’s wished for, is out there somewhere. But the more time Willow spends with Ash, the more she’s convinced that he’s the one she’s been waiting for. Will she be able to get Ash to face his demons and stay?

“What have you done to me?” He stared across at me, tone demanding. “Tell me, Willow. Tell me you want me. Tell me I’m not goin’ crazy. Tell me this isn’t all just on me. Tell me that every time I touch you, it feels like something more.”

I totally loved Ash! He had his fair share of demons that he tried to cover with his playful, cocky attitude but I loved this complexity. The balance was very well done and gave his character a lot of depth. It was hard not to feel for him as everything comes clear from his past. Even though he fought it, it was clear that he was falling for Willow very early on. He was so sweet and charming with her and his protective, alpha tendencies only added to his appeal. I loved Willow as a match for him. I loved her whole outlook on broken vs. weak. She definitely wasn’t weak and she demonstrated that fact time and again. I loved that she was a dreamer, it added a certain wistfulness to her character that was such a perfect complement to Ash. The two of them together were a great pair, their chemistry was electric. A.L. Jackson has such a wonderful way of telling a story, with an almost poetic prose, and whereas I thought Wait almost got bogged down by it at points, that was not at all the case here. I thought that it was just enough in this book and helped to paint a vivid picture of the events unfolding.

While I haven’t read Baz’s or Lyrik’s books yet, I did love that we got a lot of scenes with the band all together in this book. The brotherhood and sense of family was strong and now I really want to go back and read their books so I can get the full picture. That being said, if you haven’t read any of the other books, I don’t think you’ll be lost at all jumping right in with this one. It was sexy, emotional, sweet and was just a really beautiful love story. I loved the ending, it was the perfect way to wrap everything up! And now I am really looking forward to reading Zee’s book! He’s still a mysterious one, but I think he’ll have a great story to tell.

“You’re killing me, darlin’.”
“And you’re saving me.”
A hard frown hit me. “It was you who did all the saving.”

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